Ana Guzman

Ana’s art reflects the colors and energy of her native Havana, Cuba. Her style has been compared to that of “a jazz musician’s brush strokes on the drums,” equating the rhythm of her brushwork with the rhythm of her subjects. She paints with energy and expression combining line, texture, color and form, giving the eye just enough information to suggest the desired image.

Arriving in the U.S. at the age of five and speaking little English, Ana chose drawing as an important means of communication. Ana’s sketchbook was always close at hand as her family moved from New York to rural Pennsylvania and during summer vacations exploring their new country. In 1988, she and her husband, Julio, co-founded Coco Loco, a successful Cuban restaurant located in the heart of Atlanta. The restaurant became her canvas where she painted colorful murals reminiscent of old Havana, traditional Spanish seaports, musical gatherings and festive carnivals. Ana currently focuses on making art full time in her Atlanta studio.

La Vida Cuba - Convertible Azul, 2021 Oil on Canvas

Inlet Beach, 2022
Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas

Cafe with Pink, 2022 Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas